My name is Meghan, and my deepest passion is exploring the soulful, spiritual, and sensual landscapes of personal development and spiritual awareness. And nothing lights me up more than to share the wisdoms that I have learned with those who are seeking to expand and grow within themselves. I have done a lot of deeply transformative inner work over the years, learning from my own personal healing and overcoming challenges, and it is precisely what inspires me to share this work. My mission in my own life was to create true joy, love, and fulfillment and I feel so deeply called to share this gift with others. 

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers, coaches, healers, and medicine workers. I have explored and studied exotic dance, Yoga, Tantra, Intimacy & Relationships, Coaching, Plant Medicines, Mindfulness, spiritual practices, Holistic Health & Wellness, and a wide variety of other spiritual practices. Each experience in my life has taught me something, deepened my connection to Source, and has developed in me a soulful wisdom that no textbook could ever offer. My wisdom is of the heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body. Drawing from all of these experiences and teachings, I blend together both modern and ancient wisdoms to provide an integrated mind, body, & spirit approach towards wholeness.

I hold a deep compassion & understanding for the nature of life and the human experience. I truly understand all of it's struggles as well as it's beauty. I weave compassionate wisdom into all areas of my life and my work. My deepest calling is to make a positive impact on this world by reminding others of their true nature and the love that resides within us all.

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