Reclaim your sensuality, your confidence, and your power!

class starts September 9th!

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Beautiful Woman. 

Yes You! 

I know right now you might be feeling totally disconnected from your sensuality, your radiance, and your confidence!

I know you feel this deep longing to be totally comfortable in your own skin, to feel connected to your body and your sexuality, and to feel confident and empowered in every area of your life.

You’re tired of feeling disconnected from your body and your sensuality as a woman.

You're tired of not owning your sexiness.

You're tired of feeling disempowered and lacking the confidence to do amazing things in your life. 

And you’re ready....

  • Ready to know self-love & self-worth

  • Ready to be radiant

  • Ready to feel comfortable & sexy in your own skin

  • Ready to love and embrace your sexuality

  • Ready to embody magnetic femininity & sensuality

  • Ready to welcome more success and abundance

  • Ready to live with passion and purpose

This month-long program is all done online so you can blossom from the comfort of your own home.

It is all about Awakening the divine, radiant, sensual, magnetic, confident, feminine energy that lives within every woman. 

In this course we will gather together as women, we will dive into the practices of embodying our feminine power, inspiring deep authentic self-Love, gaining authentic empowerment, and honoring the sacred relationship to our bodies.

This course is for women to awaken their sensuality, heal and empower their sexuality, be guided to their fullest potential, discover joy and freedom within, own their feminine power, and feel the strength in sisterhood when we gather together as Women.

You know that you have so much more potential inside of you just waiting to come out! You are longing to be a radiant babe who not only exudes confidence and self-love and full embodiment on the outside, but genuinely feels it on the inside.

This is your time to step into your Power, pleasure, and brilliance  as a woman!

Woman figure with roses.jpeg

this course will dive deep to guide you into embodying your pleasure, power, and confidence

Week 1: Confidence & Self-Love 

This first week we will look at all of the areas that you get to build self-love and genuine confidence in. This is a true deep dive where you will gain tools and teachings to help you heal old wounds that have kept you from feeling self-love and confidence and learn practical, simple, yet powerful tools to find authentic self-love and genuine self-confidence.

Week 2: Sensual Freedom & Body Love 

This second week we’re talking body and sensuality! What is it like to be connected to your feminine sensual energy? You will learn unique practices that will allow you to feel love for your body, help you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and teach you how to discover and cultivate your feminine sensual energy.

Week 3: Sexuality

This third week is juicy! Get ready for a seriously transformative week as you will learn self-love practices that help awaken authentic pleasure, bliss, and power as a woman. You will learn how to feel safe, confident, empowered, and in touch with your sexuality as a woman.

Week 4: Pleasure, Power, and Freedom

In this final week together you will learn how to weave all of these elements together and bring them into your life. This week teaches you the art of embodying self-love, confidence, sensuality, power, and freedom. Imagine living as the confident, powerful, capable woman that you desire to be!

freedom woman 2.jpeg

This 4 week course will consist of:

  • Live video lectures from Meghan as she teaches the topics of discussion each week.

  • Pre-recorded videos that teach you advanced tools and practices to help you embody all of the elements of this course.

  • Journaling exercises to help you discover and deepen your relationship to yourself throughout this course.

  • Private Facebook Sisterhood Group to bond, share and receive support from fellow sisters on this journey with you.

  • Online private portal where all content will be organized and stored for you to access with ease.

  • Direct access to virtual coaching and support from Meghan throughout the entire 4 week course.

  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls each week to answer any questions and offer support along your journey.

  • **Optional upgrade to VIP experience that includes 2 private 45min 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Meghan.


Are you ready to say "yes" to your True Feminine Radiance?

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