Life Coaching:


My goal is to offer love and support to those who are seeking to deepen and expand their life, along with practical tools for mindfulness and guidance to navigate life’s most difficult circumstances.

For all of the Souls out there who are seeking personal growth, healing, self-awareness, spiritual awakening, mindfulness, health & wellness, love, deeply nourishing relationships, intimacy, self-love, and fulfillment in their lives...I'm here for YOU!

Whether you're focusing on personal growth, going through life or career transitions, navigating intimate relationships, healing deeper layers of your heart, looking to cultivate more mindfulness, inner peace, or self-love...

I offer an approach that brings more awareness and practical skills to navigate the challenges that you might be going through. 


Love Letters & Testimonials:

"Meghan has an innate ability to connect with you in a way that is a kind & gentle. She is a nurturing soul who will go above and beyond to reach your goals. Because of Meghan, I am more intimate and empowered than I have ever been. I look forward to working with her again!"


"Meghan came into my life when I was confused, conflicted, and unable to fully love myself. She showed me through her understanding of human intimacy that I could rebuild my confidence. Meghan helped me mature, expand, and heal. Meghan showed me how to communicate about my desires and my fears with my partner. As I rebuilt my confidence and became more open about my strengths and my weaknesses I discovered how to ask my partners for feedback. My time working with her has lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships."

~M H S

"I've known Meghan for many years. Her heart shines brightly wherever she goes and enlivens everyone she meets. She is deeply intelligent, compassionate, and loving. I've had countless conversations with her that called me to become a better and stronger human, simply by the way she shares and the presence she brings with her voice and gaze. Just take the step and reach out. She will be there for you."
~Philippe Lewis
Exquisite Love Coach

“Her approach was exactly what I needed. Peace, mind-body connection and warmth all with a spiritual twang"

~Jill Dusty Emery

"You can tell she’s an old soul from the moment you speak to her. She has a deep understanding for human behavior and emotions that comes natural to her. It’s almost like a 6th sense."

~Michelle Colucci

"Meghan is a kind, caring and loving spirit with profound healing abilities."